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Memory leak


Dispose() function is not working properly and is producing memory leak.
Try folowing code. After 20 seconds are several MB consumed:

while (true)
V8Engine Engine = new V8Engine();
Engine = null;



jamesnw wrote Mar 29 at 1:51 AM

CodePlex notifications are not that great it seems, I didn't get any notice of this, sorry for the delay (working on other projects now, but I may need to come back soon). I'll try to look into this asap.

jamesnw wrote Apr 5 at 8:14 AM

I think you have an old version. The new version I've been working on in the development branch is a complete re-write in many places and is much more stable. I ran a bunch of tests without issues. In fact, the console project has a \newenginetest command that runs 3 engines and disposes of them. After more testing I'll update CodePlex for the last time and start making my changes and release on the GitHub one instead. I'll make another comment when done.