Getting ObjectDisposedException on V8NativeObject finalizer

Hi, I'm getting this weird behavior when disposing a V8Engine object instance. System.ObjectDisposedException: Safe handle has been closed at System.Runtime.InteropServices.SafeHandle.Dange...

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Memory leak

Dispose() function is not working properly and is producing memory leak. Try folowing code. After 20 seconds are several MB consumed: while (true) { V8Engine Engine = new V8Engine...

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Callback for {ObjectTemplate}.RegisterInvokeHandler is GC'ed

Environment Windows 7 x64 Visual Studio 2015 Project type - library Project build configuration x86 Steps to reproduce Create object template with "call" signature using {ObjectTemplate}.Reg...

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v8::Isolate::New' : function does not take 0 arguments

..\V8.NET-Proxy\V8EngineProxy.cpp - line 71 Seems as if the last commit does not build, since the Isolate::New is expecting a Isolate::CreateParams parameter. if (!_V8Initialized) // (the API...

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V8Update.cmd not working properly

When downloading 3rd party tools, I get an error saying 'build' is not recognized as an internal or external command. The problem is, in file V8Update.cmd on line 56, there is "build/gyp >getGYP...

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Possible issues and performance with multiple engines.

A small number of engines seem to work ok, but some users are reporting that going to 45+ engines seems to crash the app. Will look into this asap.

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JS functions do not bind to CLR delegate types when passing as arguments

Look into creating an automatic binding from function handles to delegate types when invoking CLR methods.

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Unhandled exception in CreateFunctionTemplate<t>(classname)

I am trying to create a function template from the overloaded version of createfunctiontemplate. The code that i have is SamplePointFunctionTemplate funcTemplate = v8engine.CreateFunctionTempla...

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Crash on Mono

Hi, For the last three days I've been hunting the reason for a crash in V8.Net.Console.exe on Mono. It happens during the call to this line: __JSServer.ConsoleExecute(@"r = Enumerable.Range(1,Int...

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Extension methods are not yet supported on existing types.

You can access the extension methods from their static class type (a work around), but in-script, the extension methods cannot yet be called via the supported object types.

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